Today in MTV Roadies Rising,  Gaylen welcomed everyone to Alwar. Introducing Alwar, she gave a brief history of Alwar’s King and his war strategies. Trying to test the strategies of Roadies, today’s task was called Manforce ball out task.

The contestants were asked to push Each Other out of a circle and the twist was that the Roadies were to be enclosed in a zorb ball. The gangs were asked to make alliances with one other’s gang and they were to test each other’s loyalties.

As the boys started to fight, Shiv was the first one to be kicked out of the circle and among the girls, it was Shweta who disappointed everyone. Prince and Nikhil’s gangs teamed up and Rannvijay and Neha’s gang were together. Prince and Nikhil’s alliance proved their strength. In between the game Aggy twisted his knee and was taken to a doctor for immediate help.

Rannvijay and Prince got into a fight when some Roadies started to push each other out of the zorb ball. The task was won by Prince and Nikhil’s gang and some of the Roadies were given immunity. Gaylen didn’t disclose their names till the time for a surprise voteout.

In the vote out, Gaylen said that only 3 of of 7 contestants will be awarded immunity from the winning gangs. Roadies get into a verbal tussle and everyone started accusing Prince’s gang for a changed attitude. Samyukta and Waseer’s romantic life got dragged into a fight and they were asked to compete with each other even after being romantically involved.

Once again it was time for a double vote out and the Roadies had their fingers crossed. Nikhil and Prince saved Priyank, Waseer and Varun. The rest of the Roadies were in danger. The vote out began and one more twist was declared. Gaylen announced that the alliances were to have a vote out among each other. Shweta and Samyukta got voted out due to some wrong choices of Prince and Neha’s gangs. They will be given a chance to fight each other out next week to decide who stays.(Also Read: MTV Roadies Rising June 10, 2017 episode: Prince Narula and Neha Dhupia enter into a spat over contestant’s politics!)