MTV Roadies Rising winner is Shweta Mehta. The girl has made it after completing some insane tasks. She has emerged as a winner and deserves every bit of it. Shweta is an IT Engineer student and her aim is totally different then to do a regular daily soaps.

While talking to BollywoodLife Shweta shared her first memory of watching Roadies, ” From what I recollect,I saw it from season five. I remember the fight that Ashutosh Kaushik got into. That was nine seasons back. After that, I did not get that much time for TV as I was working on myself.” (ALSO READ: MTV Roadies Rising Grand Finale; Shweta Mehta From Neha Dhupia’s Gang Wins And Becomes The Ultimate Warrior)

Shweta further adds, “I was working in the IT sector when I gave my auditions three years ago for Roadies. That time I was working in the IT sector and thought I could manage both effectively. I have been rejected thrice but I did not give up. This is my fourth attempt.” She is physically strong and lifted up mentor Harbhajan Singh on her shoulders, which stunned everyone. “Fitness is not the only criteria to win Roadies. I did not showcase my physical strength to the fullest. I made sure I entertained everyone, danced, etc. In Roadies, you need to be averagely decent in everything than be excellent in one thing. Yes, my strength helped me in the semi-finale, which was quite intense,” she says.

Shweta even confessed about being confident of having Neha Dhupia as her mentor, “In Roadies, they always put the guys for the toughest tasks but I also did some intense tasks,” she says.

The winner of MTV Rodies Rising says, “I don’t want to do anything that impacts my career in fitness. Daily soaps have hectic acting schedules. I saw my hoardings in the city and I am thrilled. Some people criticised my parents after seeing me in fitness competitions. They are proud parents today,” she concludes.