The Splitsvilla 8 show is just getting hotter and hotter with every episode. The dramatic twists and turns have started to reveal who is in the show for love and who is in the show purely to win the game. Sunny Leone, the sexy host already shocked the contestants at the dumping ground by bringing in Subuhi Joshi as the first queen of the season. It was time for Rannvijay to give the contestants the next shock.

Rannvijay announced on the dumping ground that any boy could get dumped by the queen and not just the one present in the danger zone. For some it was a moment of relief but for many it wasn’t. Boys were asked to convince the queen, why they should be saved. Even the girls were asked to speak for their connections so that the queen might re-think on her decision. But luck did not favor Karishma and her partner Prince. An interesting fight began between the 2 leading disadvantage for Karishma’s Prince charming. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla 8: Episode 5 Review: Subuhi Joshi is the first queen of the season)

Karishma showed her “real standard” by getting abusive and insulting the show. The heated conversation almost made Subuhi get up from her throne and getting close to Karishma. Other contestants stopped the two and the show went on. Prince and Yash are dumped but they won’t be going home but would be banished in the villa. Tears did flow but then it was sorted with time. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla 8: Episode 6 Sneak Peek: Sunny Leone insulted by Karishma on national television)

The next day was interesting for the contestants as it was the race to King’s throne. The girls had to play a vital role here. They had to elect the boys who will participate in the Thorns and Roses contest. It was a visual treat though. Eventually the first contender who won the competition was a shock to Mia. You might have guessed by now. It was none other than but Gaurav. To know about the next boy who would be competing with Gaurav, we would have to wait until next weekend.

Till then, enjoy MTV Splitsvilla 8 episode 6 video below and let us know your views on who would be your favorite King.