Not many are surprised when Rishi Kapoor goes the brusque way when dealing with journalists or dealing with Tweets. And not many will be surprised yet again as the veteran actor brushed away three journalists at the launch event of his late father’s Raj Kapoor‘s biography. Yup, upon spotting three journalists at an event, the actor remarked at them and had them sent out of it.

In Delhi yesterday, on the 93rd birthday of the legendary Raj Kapoor, the book launch of his biography was held. According to an agency report, when three journalists entered the venue of the launch, Mr Kapoor who just stepped out of the washroom adjacent to the entrance spotted them. “Aap log kaun hain? (Who are you all),” he asked them. When they introduced themselves,  Mr Kapoor just walked away saying, ” “Muft ki daaru.” Later, the actor sent his personal security to ask them to leave the venue. They said, “Mr. Kapoor doesn’t want you guys here, please leave.” ALSO READ: Mahira Khan – Ranbir Kapoor Controversy: Actress Opens Up Like Never Before

The journalists were invited by a publisher for the event. A representative of the publisher requested the hotel security to intervene, but the man in-charge declined saying, “You know how Rishi Kapoor is. He has created a scene at our hotel twice in the past.” The publisher then apologised to the journalists and asked them to come in once the launch ceremony had begun, however they declined to and chose to leave. For the book that is authored by Rishi Kapoor’s sister Ritu Nanda, all five of Raj Kapoor’s children were present at the book launch.