Among many other amazing things about the time we were growing up, the pop music of the late 80s and 90s is the best. This was the time when we were hooked to all these independent music albums, artists and music bands, even from across the border. So, when Coke Studio Pakistan featured pop singer Jahangir Hassan in its latest episode, it transported us back to the days when we were not listening to so much of remake and remix in music.

Hassan rendered his famous Hawa Hawa on the episode and created wonders again. Not just his vocals that instantly triggers oh-how-much-we-missed-those-days feeling, Hassan as an entire entertainment package is magical. He dances to the song and makes it evident that even after 30 years of its release, Hawa Hawa is one of the bests we ever had. Supporting him in the song is Pakistani Pashto singer, Gul Panra. Together, with the technicians and others, Hassan and Gul create something Coke Studio is known for — a rich musical experience like never before.

Watch the video here:

Recently, during the release of Mubarakaan, a Hindi film that incorporated another version of his song, Hassan talked to Catch News about how it became an internationally loved track. Revealing that the makers of the song didn’t take permission from him, the singer stated that he didn’t want to create any controversy about it since he was a believer of peace between India and Pakistan.

Further, talking about the song and its popularity all over the world, he said, “The beats are extremely catchy and would appeal to people from diverse cultures and musical traditions. Even when you can’t understand the language, you can appreciate the beats and the rhythm”

He also talked about the reception his Hawa Hawa album got initially. He said, “They made fun of it…(they) said ‘hawa hawa, yeh kya bana diya‘. I was very dejected after that. One day, soon after the release, my car stopped at a traffic signal and I could hear Hawa Hawa playing inside a vehicle. Soon I began hearing the song in shops, parties, everywhere. It had become a rage, beyond my expectations”.

Well, everything about this song is legendary now. Scroll above to watch the video again. We know you want to!

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