Los Angeles, Oct 2: Actress Jessica Alba says she can get her two daughters –Honor and Haven — to behave by offering them her favourite lipsticks. “My girls are in my make-up all day long. They love putting it on me. Whenever they are fighting, I’m like, ‘Stop yelling at each other and I’ll let you put my lipstick on!’,” Alba told peoplemagazine.co.za. (Read: Jessica Alba’s Honest company sued for being ‘deceptive’)

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actress had said that she felt “judged” when she first became a mother. “Doesn’t it feel like the mean girl thing from high school sort of just transforms into adulthood through motherhood? I think it has to do with hormones, right?

“And then your hormones go crazy again when you’re pregnant and having a baby – and even when you’re breastfeeding. And I feel like maybe it’s just all those hormones, and people don’t know where to put their energy, so they just start clashing,” she said.