Naagin 3 latest news: The episode starts with Bela interacting with her mother. The latter can’t control her tears after watching the plight of Juhi. Mahir carries Juhi to the bedroom. Bela tells her mother that Vishakha was not her good friend. Both of them cry thinking about all the bad that happened to them in the past. Mahir and Bela leave the house. The latter breaks down into tears. Mahir consoles her with a hug.

After reaching home, Bela applies medicine on Mahir’s wound. The two share a romantic moment and later, the lady feels sad that she is creating trouble in his life. Mahir asks her how he got injured but she tries to ignore the conversation. Vikrant thanks Vishaka for saving his life. The latter says that she loved him but knows that he is fake. Both of them get into an argument. Vishaka hurts her head by breaking the glass.

Bela- Maahir and other family members interrogate Vishaka. She says that Yuvi has physically assaulted her as he can’t get over Bela. She further adds that he is venting out his anger on her despite knowing that she is pregnant. Mahir lashes out at Yuvi asking him the reason behind mistreating a woman.

Yuvi and Andy get into an argument and the latter also tries to slap him but Mahir holds his hand. Yuvi gets angry and tries to hurt Vish once again. Mahir loses his cool and slaps him. He tells Vishaka that he will support her if she wants to take divorce with Yuvi and also assures that she will be safe.

Vyom gets sad after seeing his family dead. He vows to take revenge from Bela. Juhi meets Bela and tells her that she wants to become the Naagrani. Vyom gives a wicked smile watching them. Vishaka apologises to Bela and the latter says that she has no hatred for her.

Later, Bela tells Mahir about Juhi and also thanks him for being considerate.