Naagin 3 written update: Bela tries to remind Maahir about the past. Vishakha asks Vikrant about his problems. He tells her that he loves Bela to death but she just loves Maahir. He further says that one should love the person who loves him not the one who loves someone else. Vishakha tells him that he is doing the same thing as she loves him but the latter loves Bela. She further says that she remembers her friendship with Bela and will always help her. Vikrant remembers something and then stops her. Maahir’s mother takes him to the storeroom to show something that will help him to get back his memory. However, she ends up telling him that after he got married to Bela, everything bad has been happening to their family. Maahir further asks about Yuvi and leaves the room in order to find him.

Her mother smiles as she thinks that after knowing about Yuvi’s death, Maahir will not survive. His father and sister tell him that Yuvi is fine. Bela tells Maahir’s mother that she will protect Maahir and will not let her hurt him.

As the namkaran ceremony begins, Maahir waits for Yuvi. Bela says he will come in some time. Maahir’s mother tells him to say Siya in baby’s ears. But, he somehow remembers the old conversation with Bela and says Pinky instead of Siya.

Vishakha comes to the party and tells Bela that Vikrant is late. Yuvi finally comes and names the child Roohi. Bela asks him the reason he is late. He starts misbehaving with her. Maahir’s mother comes and says that Yuvraj was never dead and he is more dangerous than her. She tells Bela that Yuvi is her son. She gets shocked. Sumitra says that as Bela has called Vishakha for help, Yuvraj will be helping her.

Vikrant tells his mother that she did wrong to him by not telling about Yuvraj. She asks him to do what has been said to him. Vikrant kills Kuhu’s husband Adi.