In the latest episode of Naagin 3, Bela dreams of her mother asking her to check the left hand of Mahir. She tries to check his hand but fails to do so. She tries to understand what her mother was trying to tell her. Meanwhile, Mahir tells his mother that he cannot live with Bela anymore and announces to his parents that want a divorce. His father gets angry at his decision and tells him that he will have to leave the house if he wants to go ahead with his decision. Mahir then tells Yuvi that after the divorce, he can marry Bela.

Naagin 3 October 14 Written Update: Vishaka Dies, Vikrant Betrays Her And Kidnaps Bela’s Mother

Naagin 3 October 14 Written Update: Vishaka Dies, Vikrant Betrays Her And Kidnaps Bela’s Mother

Bela is still trying to figure out what her mother meant. Bela’s mother points at the small scar on her enemies arm to recognise her killer. Vikrant hints Bella that Mahir’s hand has the same mark that her mother has been talking about.

Meanwhile, in the hall, Sonal announces that she knows who is killed Anu. She claims that she overheard a male and a female voice talking about her death as it starts to effect Bela and Mahir’s relationship. She also reveals that she managed to take some pictures on her phone but accidentally dropped her phone in the room. The family then head to Anu’s room to check the phone. However, Yuvi reaches the spot before anyone else and hides the phone before the family reaches the room.

Mahir starts looking for the phone when Bela tries to talk to him as she wants to check whether he has a scar her mother was talking about.

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Meanwhile, Yuvi leaves the room while the others still continue to search for the phone. Sonal manages to spot the phone in Yuvi’s pocket and confronts him about it. Yuvi then turns into Vikrant and wraps Sonal around his tail. She doesn’t scream but quietly listen to Vikrant’s speech. While Vikrant is busy with Sonal, Bela notices no scar on Mahir’s palm and is happy that he is not the killer. However, Vikrant kills Sonal. He then plans to put the blame of Sonal’s murder on Mahir and hopes that Bela will leave Mahir after that.

In the meantime, Bela hears noises from the storeroom and is shocked to see Sonal’s body hanging from the ceiling.

Mahir, Yuvi and the family reaches the spot after hearing Bela scream and are shocked to see the same. Then, Yuvi tries to convince everyone that Sonal just hung herself but Bela has her doubts on him. Mahir and Yuvi engage into an argument where Yuvi states that Sonal was mentally unstable. Bela interrupts and agrees with Mahir that Sonal wasn’t lying. Yuvi once again tells Andy that Sonal was lying. Mahir then decides that a private detective will be assigned to head the case. Bela thinks that Vikrant and Vish have joined forces and are trying to plan to fool Bela.

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Bela meets Vikrant alone and they talk about Sonal’s death. Meanwhile, she holds Vikrant’s hand to find the scar but Vikrant misunderstands it to be romantic and holds her close. Bela then tells Vikrant about her dream and ask him if he has the scar or not. Vikrant gets alerted and starts to defend himself by challenging her trust and love.

Bela’s mother has been locked inside a dungeon with mongoose around her. Angoori baba reaches the spot and informs her that enemies know about her whereabouts. She tells baba that she doesn’t care about her life but wants to be free so that she can save her daughter. Baba then destroys the mongooses and let Bela’s mother free.

The next day, Angoori baba reaches Bela’s room and instructs her to head straight to the forest. Meanwhile, Vikrant heads to the dungeon to give food to Bela’s mother but realises that she has escaped. The episode concludes with Bela finding out that her mother is alive.

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