Actress Tanushree Dutta has refused to back down from the statement she made almost a week ago that she was harassed by veteran actor Nana Patekar on the sets of Horn ok Pleasss. The incident happened about 10-years-ago, and Tanushree spoke out about it during a recent TV interview. After she revealed what took place between her and Nana, some Bollywood stars came out in support of her. Now her parents too have decided to break their silence and talk about the issue.

While speaking to Prabhat Khabar, Tanushree’s father Tapan Dutta revealed how his daughter had gone to Mumbai from Jamshedpur with a lot of aspirations, and while she was struggling to make a name for herself, she became a victim of harassment. On Nana’s behaviour, Tapan accused the police of not taking any action.

“Nana would have been behind the bars had the police taken action against the accused without having any biases. At the time of the incident, he was an active member of Maharashtra’s MNS party, due to which the police worked to save the people of Jharkhand instead of helping them. We still don’t know about the status of the FIR filed by Tanushree,” Tapan was quoted as saying.

Tanushree herself had earlier said that she is determined to continue her fight against Nana, and will not stop talking publicly about the harassment she faced at his hands. She added that it was because of him that her Bollywood career was destroyed.

“Because of Nana Patekar, my filmy career came to an end. I left the film industry because of him. Now I am not going to stay quiet. I haven’t received any legal notice from him. I am waiting for it,” she had said.

Those in Bollywood who are supporting Tanushree have come out to say that the incident should be investigated and the actress’ voice should not be silenced.