Horror meets comedy and Nanu Ki Jaanu starring Abhay Deol and Patralekha. The film has released today, April 20, and is directed by Faraz Haider, who has said in his interviews that the film will spook audience while making them laugh at the same time. It is a remake of acclaimed Tamil film Pisaasu. Horror comedy is a challenging genre and not one that’s attempted in Bollywood a lot. Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri belongs to the category but it failed to impress audience as well as critics. The most difficult part in a horror comedy like Nanu Ki Jaanu is to give fans enough scary as well as laugh inducing moments. There needs to be a balance and one aspect cannot take a lead over the other.

The trailer of the film showed that the filmmaker has taken care of this basic element while writing and directing Nanu Ki Jaanu. But does it deserve your time and attention. Read Nanu Ki Jaanu reviews below before you book your tickets.

Rediff: “A wishy-washy hotchpotch of horror and comedy Nanu Ki Jaanu flounders in finding a harmonious balance between two contrasting genres. And offensive ideas of treating rape as a humour device and resolving domestic violence with a tit-for-tat logic certainly does not help. What you see are a bunch of haphazardly put together contrivances and gags that are ill matched to Deol’s laid-back vigour and make the usually swell Rajesh Sharma’s grief seem like crocodile tears.” Rating: 2 stars

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Beyond The Clouds Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter And Malavika Mohanan's Earnest Performances Make The Film Worth A Watch

Indian Express: “The film may have been a larky idea, but practically nothing rises above the execution. Deol, who has been struggling for a while to get back in his groove, looking and sounding a lot like his cousin Sunny here, will have to wait. Patralekhaa, who showed such promise in City Lights, deserves better. The only one amongst its cast who manages to somewhat break free is Manu Rishi, with his very Dilli ‘tu jaanta nahin hai main kaun hoon’ schtick. But after two iterations, even that becomes tiresome.” Rating: 1 star

Times of India: “While the story is unique and interesting, the execution is flawed, especially when it comes to the horror elements. The ghost here is not up to any really funny business which is off-putting considering it is a comedy. The only comic relief one gets here is in the form of performances and dialogues by Manu Rishi. Neither the performances nor an ever changing storyline, where newer characters are introduced, help pick the Nanu Ki Jaanu up. An anticlimactic, emotional ending further seals the fate of this film.” Rating: 2.5 stars

Scroll: “Suspense is thin in a movie with three major characters. The staggering incompetence on display ensures that the events are neither funny nor frightening, and the sight of Nanu (Abhay) romancing Siddhi’s ghost (Patralekha) pushes Nanu Ki Jaanu towards the zone of tragedy for Abhay Deol’s fanbase.”

NDTV: “Nanu Ki Jaanu is about a girl who becomes a ghost and disappears into a chimney, taking the film with her into the pits. We deserve better.” Rating: 1 star

Firstpost: “Nanu Ki Jaanu is unsure of what it wants to be, the team lacks the ability to make it everything they want it to be, and the film therefore ends up flailing its arms all over the place. It is scary in a few parts and funny in more, which is why it is so sad that in the overall assessment and especially in its finale, it turns out to be such a loosely handled, low-IQ mess.” Rating: 1 star

While Critics were more or less unanimous on their feedback on Nanu Ki Jaanu, the public opinion was divided.

With not so favourable reviews, we are not expecting the film to make any noise at the box office. In fact, we are rather worried for the lead stars, Abhay Deol and Patralekha, who haven’t been able to wow audience in quite some time now.