In the movie world, money and recognition are two very important things for an actor, as both are factors that decide his or her fate where work is concerned. An actor who has both is considered to be very lucky, but sometimes having the latter can be bad, as veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah revealed. According to him, stardom is the easiest way an actor can get corrupted.

Naseeruddin, who has no qualms in accepting that he has worked for money in some films, said the more tempting way for an actor to get corrupted is by becoming a star.

“The easiest way for an actor to get corrupted is by becoming a star. Then you start believing your own myth. You start believing what the press writes about you. That’s very dangerous,” PTI quoted Naseeruddin as saying.

The actor said, no matter what position one holds in the industry, it is impossible to foresee the heights one can reach before signing a film.

“There’s no way anyone can ensure what will be the quality of a film when you read a script. You have to go by instincts and do it. Sometimes it goes right and sometimes wrong,” he adds.

Naseeruddin said in his film career of more than four decades, he has taken up films purely “to run the kitchen” and said one should not be ashamed of it.

“I’ve worked for money and there’s no shame. I need to run my kitchen. That’s what I tell younger actors. Don’t be afraid to do things for money. What are we all working for? Aren’t we working to feed ourselves. I’ve done films for money but not too many films,” he said.

The A Wednesday! actor started his career featuring in several prominent films such as Masoom, Sparsh, Nishant among others.

The 68-year-old also said he was fortunate to be a part of the movement where independent cinema was thriving, and contrary to his decisions later, he worked for free “several times”.