We must stress that the video is extremely hilarious albeit extremely wrong to bring down such an epic scene to the festive mood for Vin Diesel and Jason Statham fans. We are fans of them both but the video is just too well-timed in the Navratri season to miss. Arvind Vegda‘s Bhai Bhai song is already a hit apparently and with the singer in the limelight with his entry into the Bigg Boss 9 house. [Also Read: Bigg Boss 9 -Arvind Vegda’s GIF is as weird as the BB 9 contestant himself!

The video is from the latest film from the Fast and Furious franchise. Furious 7 has the epic good vs bad fight between Vin Diesel fighting for his family while Jason Statham has a misplaced sense of brotherhood for his criminal brother Owen Shaw who was killed in the Antonov plane crash scene at the end of Fast and Furious 6. Here’s the parody shared on Facebook.

Epic Dandiya War between Vin Diesel & Jason StathamEpic Dandiya War Between Jason Statham & Vin DieselPosted by WYO – Wear Your Opinion on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The video recreates the amazing battle between the main opponents where they race at each other head-to-head with a spectacular crash. Jason Statham’s reinforced car chassis saves him from bruises but Vin Diesel feels the high octane crash. The two go at each other with rods and long pieces of metal that they salvage from their cars. The street fight scene’s audio has been replaced with the song and expertly set with the Bhai Bhai Navratri Dandiya Ras song to make a funny video that was shared on social media.