In tonight’s episode of Nazar, Piya and Ansh continue to have a romantic moment. As they hug, Ansh’s daavansh mark goes away and he becomes a normal human being. Mohanna is not happy that the effect of daayan saya on Ansh is over after Piya is back. Ansh doesn’t remember anything from the last few days. Rishi is still angry with Ansh for his behaviour.

Ansh and family find out that Vedashree has become a statue of ice because she toughed teenyantra mani, that got Piya back to the world. Vedashree starts melting and Ansh gets the fridge in which the family is planning to store her until they get a solution how to get her back.

Ansh goes to his room and thinks about his family. Piya also goes to the room and Ansh tells Piya that he feels that he has done something very wrong. Piya calls the daayan tree and tells Ansh that this will show him the truth of his mother, Mohanna. Meanwhile, Mohanna plans to only show what she wants Ansh to see and fails the plan of Piya.

Mohanna comes to Ansh’s room and Ansh thanks Mohanna for saving Piya’s life. Piya reacts and says that this is not what she wants to show him.

Meanwhile, Chaitali, her husband, and Rishi talk about Ansh forgetting incidents that happened in the last few days. Rishi gets angry from her parents and says that he feels Ansh is not his son but their’s.

Piya tells Ansh that on Poornima, she plans to eat him but he does not believe her. She tries to convince Ansh but Mohanna starts her drama and make Ansh emotional. Ansh stops Piya and tells her that she should stop putting allegations on Mohanna as he has to find a solution to save the life of his mother, Vedashree.

On the other hand, Saanvi gets worried and calls Guruji as she is not able to find any solution to bring her father back from Trishankulok. Guruji tells her to keep her calm and soon we will find the solution. After keeping the phone, Saanvi sees black smoke in front of her room, shouts ‘Papa’ and starts crying.

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Ansh and family get worried seeing that Vedashree is melting fast instead of being in the fridge. Piya tells the family that she is melting because the ice is made of salt and salt is being mixed with the water more quickly. Chaitali asks her that how does she know this and Piya says that Mohanna told her just now but if Mohanna knew this, why she didn’t stop us from keeping her inside the fridge. Mohanna then says that she didn’t know about it rather she just got to know about it from Piya. Ansh stops Piya for blaming Mohanna again and again. Family goes out of the hall to find a solution.

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Mohanna threatens Piya to stop trying to tell Ansh her truth otherwise Vedashree will not survive.

In the preview episode, Piya asks Mohanna that how can she do this with her own sister. Mohanna says, ‘when I don’t care about my son then why should I care about my sister’. Piya asks Mohanna directly to tell her how Vedashree can be saved but she refuses to tell her.

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