Actor Neha Dhupia has been actively talking about spreading body positivity and how it’s unfair to troll a new mom for her weight gain. The actor is often seen giving back to the trolls on social media who target her for her weight gain post-pregnancy. Now, in her latest interview, Neha has talked about the larger issue, not getting work after giving birth to a child and how it’s important to understand the psyche of a new mother who’s already juggling with a lot in life.

The actor was interacting with Pinkvilla in her latest interview when she said she decided to not wait to get work after giving birth to Mehr Dhupia Bedi. Neha said there are so many platforms available that one can easily choose to not depend on others to create an opportunity. The actor, who is a popular host of her own podcast No Filter Neha, revealed that she was never approached for any role in a film post-pregnancy despite receiving an award for her last film Tumhari Sulu.

“When you become a mum, yes, there is a perception. The last thing I did before pregnancy was Tumhari Sulu, for which I won an award. But despite that, I did not get any offers as far as movies are concerned, post-pregnancy. I did not get any offers after I gave birth either,” Neha said. The actor went on to talk about the trolls and said it’s a brutal place to be in because a new mother is already struggling with a lot and these trolls add to the mental pressure.

Neha said she didn’t have any insecurity during her pregnancy but she was subjected to weight gain related trolling after she gave birth to her daughter. She also recalled the time when she was trolled for her body weight by a female journalist in an article and she called it out on Twitter. “I remember I was trolled very badly where a female journalist wrote something on my weight, and I wrote back. It is not fair to trouble a new mum over her body weight,” Neha said.

Well, it’s difficult to be a mother in one place and it’s even more difficult to be a celebrity mother because that subjects a woman to judgments and advises about her body that she probably doesn’t need. More power to Neha for dealing with such issues so well!