Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay’s big blowout wedding has been trending for a bit. Hashtag #NeilRukminiSayIDo has been doing rounds on social media. While the couple got married royal style at Radisson Blu in Udaipur, there wedding comprised of all the traditional ceremonies which make up for a Big Fat Indian wedding. We are still reeling from looking at all the gorgeous pictures from this big blowout event! While the event got done yesterday, bride, groom, and the entire family is back in Mumbai for a gala reception! Here are their first pics snapped at the airport.

While Neil was at his casual best, Rukmini looked resplendent in pale yellow salwar kurta and gold stilettoes. She looked like an every bit of a blushing bride with her, sindoor, chooda and all the regalia! Apart from the couple, the parents Nitin Mukesh and Neil’s mother too were in a festive mood. They clicked for a family picture! The couple will have a grand reception in Mumbai soon. For those who don’t know, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini’s wedding is arranged by their parents and the Johny Gaddar actor had made it clear from the onset that he will marry a person of his parent’s choice. Speaking about the wedding his dad Nitin Mukesh said, ““I couldn’t have asked for a more humbling or happy moment. God has been so kind. We are getting my darling Neil married and I want to tell you this… What he has done for the family, for the family’s name and for his grandfather’s name… We owed him something, and that’s what we have done with his wedding.”ALSO READ: Neil Nitin Mukesh marries Rukmini Sahay in a royal style wedding, check out pictures of elaborate celebrations

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There were about 500 guests at the wedding. From film industry, Rishi Kapoor was present who danced at the sangeet of the dulha-dulhan. Yash Chopra’s wife Pamela too made an appearance.