The nepotism debate has been going on now since long. It started all the popular chat show, Koffee with Karan season 5 when Kangana made appearance on the hot couch. Kangana’s comment did leave everyone stunned and the after effects of it, we all have seen. This year at IIFA Awards the Nepotism Rocks gag didn’t go down well with all. Later, Varun Dhawan apologised on social media platform to the actress. And now at a summit, filmmaker David Dhawan’s son has come in support of the ‘Queen’ actress. Now will that leave KJo upset?

Karan Johar launched Varun Dhawan in his blockbuster film ‘Student of the Year. KJo is like a mentor to Varun and many other star kids. And now Varun’s comment has left many surprised. At a summit Varun echoed KJo’s opinion on nepotism. He was quoted saying as, “Who all has he (KJo) launched? Star kids only, right? So how is it an allegation? It is a fact, right? However, he has also launched a lot of directors also, like Shashank Khaitan, who is a dear friend. He is from Nashik and he had nothing to do with films. He just gave his script to Karan and Karan wanted to make a film with him. Karan has also made a film titled Gippy. He launched a girl with that too. Sidharth (Malhotra), he is also not a star-kid, but Karan launched him also,” reports Jagran. (ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut Reacts To Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan And Saif Ali Khan’s Nepotism Gag At IIFA Awards 2017)

Talking about ‘Simran’ actress’ accusations the young lad further said, “So, what Kangana is saying is right, but this whole thing is too blown up. I think she was trying to get her point across in her way, but people really stretched it too much. Such things happen in the fraternity!” Do you agree with what Varun Dhawan has said? Post your views in the comment box below.