Starring: Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam Director:Navdeep Singh

NH10, Navdeep Singh’s new film marks actress Anushka Sharma’s first production with her company Clean Slate Films. The movie is co-produced by Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films.

The story of NH10 revolves around a married couple, Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam), who set out on a trip as Meera’s birthday is nearing. Little did they know that their weekend getaway would turn out to be their worst nightmare ever. On their way, while they halt at a dhaba, Meera meets a random woman who asks for her help. Meera and Arjun get involved when some local goons are seen hitting and verbally abusing this woman and her husband. When Arjun tries to stop the goons, that’s when the couple gets involved in the mess.

The goons end up killing the woman and her husband to which Meera and Arjun stand witness. As they plan to kill Arjun and Meera as well, the couple tries to run away from them.

NH10 is an eye opener for all those who are of the view that we live in a modern India. The movie throws a light on one of the major concerns of our society-honor killing, which exists to a great extent in various parts of the country. While the religious stalwarts of the modern and developing India are more concerned about the ‘Ghar wapsi‘ and the government is busy banning beef consumption and documentaries, director Navdeep Singh has done a commendable job by bringing up the issue of honor killings.

NH10 is fast paced and is direct to the point. However, we didn’t like the end of the film as much as we loved the concept of it. Initially the movie is gripping but becomes very predictable after the interval.

Ratings: ** 1/2 stars

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