The Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins tour travelled to Boston on Monday and the social media is filled with the photos and the videos of the Jonas family having a fun time at the concert. A post that has found the maximum shares on Instagram shows Nick expressing his love for Priyanka Chopra while performing on the stage. Nick, Joe and Kevin performed to many of their hits for the audience in Boston who turned up in an amazing number.

One of the many moments that left the audience awestruck was when Nick gestured ‘I love you’ to his wife Priyanka who was enjoying the concert with the rest of the family from a special stand. Nick didn’t say anything, he took a pause between the song and gestured ‘I love you’ to Priyanka. The audience went gaga over their lovely chemistry. Check out this post:

In another video, Nick was seen performing on his latest single titled Sucker. The video shows him looking at Priyanka most of the time while singing the song as if dedicating every word to her. Watch this:

Priyanka was joined by her mother Madhu Chopra at the concert. The other J-sisters Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner were also present along with others. The concert seemed like a huge hit as the venue appeared completely packed with the audience.