Official video of Shakira's La La La (Brazil 2014) released: Features Messi, Pique and Fabregas

It seems like Shakira has stolen the fame from the Miami-based rapper Pitbull! Some days ago, Pitbull had recently released “We Are One (Ole Ola)”  featuring Jennifer Lopez as the official anthem of FIFA 2014 Brazil. Shakira has taken the glory from Pitbull as she released the video of her “La La La (Brazil 2014)”  which features her long time love and footballer Gerard Pique and son Milan who is just 16 months old!

La La La even features famous football stars like Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, Eric Abidal, Neymar, James Rodríguez, Sergio Agüero, and Radamel Falcao. The song has all the star factor one needs, but somehow it doesn’t capture the spirit of FIFA world cup! Though, Milan kicking the football is the most adorable part of the song! This 16 month old baby is so cute that you will feel like eating him up.

FIFA World Cup is happening in Brazil and begins on June 12. Shakira released this song in collaboration with Activia to support the World Food Programme’s School Meals Program.

The Colombian sensation’s hit “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” became the biggest-selling World Cup song of all time in 2010. But we doubt this one will break any records.

Watch the song for Football stars and adorable Milan!