It was nothing short of historic when the Supreme Court of India struck down the Islamic practice of Triple Talaq yesterday. This is something which was being misused as instant divorce over the years. A bench of five senior-most judges, with different religious background, made the judgement with a 3:2 agreement. Soon after the news came out, reactions from all over the country, from various sections of the society, started pouring in, and Bollywood, too, is being vocal about it as several celebrities right from Farhan Akhtar to Anupam Kher welcomed the decision.

But then there are people like Om Swami, who also exist in this world, right? The same Om Swami, who was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house, after he threw his pee on a fellow contestant. The self-proclaimed Godman landed himself in trouble yet again, as he got beaten by an angry mob after he made some stupid remarks on the verdict. ALSO READ: Former Bigg Boss Contestant Om Swami Arrested By Delhi Police

So reportedly, Om Swami was present at the Supreme Court premises and he was protesting against Deepak Mishra ‘s appointment as the next Chief Justice of India. It is during this, he reportedly said that the apex’s court verdict on Triple Talaq will result in jeopardy of men’s freedom and that women will get more independence as compared to men.

Obviously, this didn’t go down well with those others present there, who pounced on him. Just recently, he was arrested by Delhi Police in a theft case that is registered against him. Clearly, Om Swami is not learning from his mistakes.

(Written by Vinod Talreja)