When it comes to Bigg Boss 10, we can sure expect some controversial scoop from the contestants! This time it is about the notorious contestant, Om Swami! The self proclaimed saint managed to be in the limelight with every possible antic on the show. Recently, he even continued this legacy outside the house! A video went viral like a wild fire on the Internet where he was apparently meditating and a bikini babe gave him a lap dance. This video naturally once again attracted severe flak. But unfazed Om Swami shrugged it off again with another controversial statement! Om Swami recently justified the whole act claiming that if Lord Krishna can have gopis then why cannot him!

The controversial baba was invited for a panel discussion where he asked, ” When he can do all this, why can’t I?” This is not the first time that he has done something like this. He was reprimanded by Salman Khan in the house for his vulgar behaviour with the female contestants. He was then thrown out of the house by host Salman. If all this was not enough, Swami also stunned everyone with a new look by shaving off his beard and a new haircut!

As of now, all we can see is he has gone to the extent of comparing himself to Lord Krishna which will definitely not go well with many of the people. Well, what do you think about it? Post your thoughts in the comment sections below.