This news has come as a shocker for us. Bigg Boss 8 contestant Deepshikha Nagpal who tied the knot in 2012 for the second time with Kaishav Arora has filed a complain against hubby. All is not particularly well in Deepshikha’s marriage with the hottie is second guessing her relationship with Kaishav. Sources and the close friends of the couple, on the condition of anonymity, revealed that the duo’s marriage has hit the rock bottom. We also hear that Deepshikha has filed a non-cognizable offence with the police, restraining Kaishav from entering her home.

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Deepshikha has two children from her first marriage. She fell in love with Keshav during the shoot of her directorial venture Yeh Dooriyan. While everything looked hunky dory on the looks of it, people close to this jodi have been maintaining that the two did not along well.  The two were apparently dealing with compatibility issues. They were finding it difficult to bring ech other on the same page. Recently things took ugly turns and the damage it caused was irreversible, maintained a secret birdie.