Sunny Leone One Night Stand trailer

The official trailer of Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani’s sex drama One Night Stand has been released, and the film’s story seems better than we expected. The One Night Stand teaser released earlier and also the song Ijazat that showcased sizzling chemistry between Sunny and Tanuj, but we thought the film will be just another one of those from exploitative cinema. But Sunny has us impressed in the One Night Stand trailer.

There is no doubt that the former pornstar is extremely comfortable in her skin when doing explicit scenes, but Sunny delivers a slap on the face of her detractors with her dialogue at the end of the trailer. When a much married Urvil (Tanuj Virwani) turns an obsessive stalker once he has had a one-night stand with Celina (Sunny Leone), she has no interest in him. Like most men, Tanuj goes on to do her character assassination, with lines like “Tum jaisi auratein….” Sunny the modern woman who is not scared of her sexuality, hits back with the dialogue, “What gives you the right to judge me? Mard ho bas isliye yeh sab karne ka haq rakte ho?”

Sunny Leone in One Night Stand

We don’t know if Sunny Leone’s fans, most of him we assume are male chauvinists who watch her porn films secretly, will like this so-called ‘feminist’ avatar of the actress. But we sure liked it, seeing the free as a bird Sunny giving a piece of her mind to a man who loves his wife (played by Nyra Banerjee) but can’t get over his one-night stand either.

Watch the trailer of Sunny Leone’s One Night Stand here!

One Night Stand releases on April 29, 2016. It is produced by Swiss Entertainment and directed by Jasmine Moses D’souza. (ALSO SEE: One Night Stand teaser: Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virani’s sensuous chemistry looks promising!)