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Kangana Ranaut did not play demure girl or the ‘damsel in distress’ in her exclusive interview with India Today’s Rahul Kanwal that aired on May 3. The actress, recently in mire because of her legal case against actor Hrithik Roshan because of an alleged affair with with him gone wrong, has had to face the wrath of her detractors and also people of Hrithik’s camp because of her ‘behaviour’. She further faced the accusations of her exes Aditya Pancholi and more recently, Adhyayan Suman. The son of actor Shekhar Suman, who dated Kangana for two years, has made some serious allegations against her, including black magic, hypnotisation and physical abuse.

In Delhi on May 3 to accept the National Film Award for her exceptional double role in the film Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Kangana decided to speak to India Today and clear all the rumours about her. She came across as honest and put her points across without naming people. She was confident of her side of the story in each case, and did not mince words. She was as much the Kangana Ranaut we have all come to love — bold, brave and today’s girl who takes pride in breaking norms and enjoys the process.

Kangana was all chirpy at the beginning of the interview. But as the interview progressed, Rahul Kanwal asked her something about her “choice of men”. Ahem! Too personal a question? Kangy thought so too, and gave it back to him right there. “If I begin to talk about your girlfriends…,” she challenged Rahul Kanwal!

Rahul quickly straightened himself up and throughout the rest of the interview, maintained that he was on her side and loved her feisty attitude – even giving the example of his wife when Kangana was discussing why Adhyayan Suman mentioned her “impure blood” or menstrual blood as gross. Kangana made it a point to say that menstruation is what makes a woman powerful and the right to reproduce, so she shouldn’t be damned for it. Wow!

This attitude of Kangana reminded us of the infamous Sunny Leone interview by Bhupendra Chaubey in the recent past. Remember? Sunny Leone was ostracised and demeaned by the demonic Chaubey, who at his senior editorial position at CNN-IBN behaved as if he were seated in his Ivory Tower and he was just a mere ‘pornstar’ dying to be a Bollywood actress. He insulted her, incited her, made her uncomfortable by saying that some people will judge her for inviting her on the show! To which, Sunny Leone had promptly told him, “I can leave if you want” – leaving Chaubey embarrassed and sorry. He even tried poking her to say that she regretted being a pornstar, but she didn’t.

Sunny Leone smartly handled the interview, with dignity and grace. And having met her for an interview for India.com, one can vouch for her. She is made of tough stuff, dude! And so is Kangana Ranaut! We relish these new B’town beauties who speak their mind, something we saw in Preity Zinta earlier. More power to these women! As for the people who conduct interviews, well, be careful what you are asking!

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