Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street

New Delhi, March 3: Even after being praised for his performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street“, actor Leonardo DiCaprio failed to win an Oscar Award this year and his loss has become a topic of discussion on microblogging website Twitter. [Read: Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp: 6 hottest actors who have not won Oscars yet!]

Although the tweets, which followed after the Best Actor in a Leading Role was announced, expressed the fans’ disappointment, they were funny and sarcastic too. DiCaprio lost the 86th Academy Awards Best Actor trophy to Matthew McConaughey, who received it for his performance in the movie “Dallas Buyers Club” for playing an AIDS patient.

Here’s what Twitter users in India had to say about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar loss:

Arpit Marwah @arpitmarwah93: I’m feeling sad that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get an Oscar but I know that one day he will get it. Cheers Leonardo DiCaprio.

Attique Ajmal @AttiqueAjmal: Leonardo DiCaprio best actor of this era… When will he get what he deserves in terms of Oscars.

Mona @ManooyZ: Always a bridesmaid, never the bride Leonardo DiCaprio.

Chittesh Khilnani @CLK_23: One day a movie will be made on the life of Leonardo DiCaprio and the lead actor will get an Oscar.

Mused Cynic @Teja_Seth: So the only thing common between me and Leonardo DiCaprio is that neither of us has won the Oscar.

Priyanka Pereira @priyankapereira: May be from next year, they should have a category for ‘best Leonardo DiCaprio performance’. Like, seriously.

Roby D’Ottavi @RobDogg: When Leonardo DiCaprio does eventually win, the internet will probably implode.

Naim Cahoud @Naimchahoud: Someday you will get it Leonardo DiCaprio.

IndiaSpeaks @IndiaSpeaksPR: Breaking News: Leonardo DiCaprio calls the Oscars 2014 fixed. Joins AAP with immediate effect.

Mindy @graphicstrike: I am happy for Matthew (McConaughey) but can’t we just give Leonardo (DiCaprio) an Oscar already? The boy has deserved one for years.

Dalia Lachine @DLachine: I guess Leonardo DiCaprio is the unluckiest Hollywood actor alive.

#PoorLeo was trending on March 2 on Twitter. Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio deserved to win an Oscar for The Wolf of Wall Street? Drop in your comments below!