Drama, entertainment, humour and some shock element! The 89th Academy Awards 2017 had it all! As they say, save the best for the last… Oscars 2017 delivered a punch, not intentionally, with the announcement of winner in the last category of the night – Best Picture. Presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway made a major goof up when they announced La La Land instead of Moonlight as the best picture and soon the cast and crew of the musical took to stage to celebrate the win! An acceptance speech by one of the producers of the film was underway when another producer, Jordan Horowitz revealed the mistake. But all was well when Warren Beatty accepted that he had made a blunder and though he had his doubts, he went ahead and made the announcements without re-checking! The La La Land team was also gracious as they handed over the golden statues to the Moonlight team and let them take over the stage and claim the limelight.

Oscars 2017 goof up hasn’t stopped trending ever since. The episode has been making headlines the world over and there is a lot that India can learn from it. For a nation that churns out maximum number of movies in a year, awards hold that much more importance. It makes me wonder how our Bollywood stars and Indian Award show organizers would have handled such a situation. I can’t help but re-imagine the La La Land and Moonlight goof-up in the Indian context.

What do you think would have happened if Amitabh Bachchan were to announce Salman Khan’s Sultan instead of Aamir Khan’s Dangal as the Best Film? Both the films were big hits of 2016 and were nominated in the said categories at most awards. While everyone saw what happened at Oscars 2017, possibilities are that we as audience would not even know of such a goof up if it were to happen here in India. Here’s how the situation would have been tackled the – Indian way. (ALSO READ: What Priyanka Chopra did right after Oscars will make you believe that she is just like us!)

1) Amitabh Bachchan – One of the biggest superstar that Indian cinema has seen. How can we make it public that he has made a mistake? Making him apologize to the audience would be out of question! Chances are that Big B would not even know that there has been a goof up!
2) Some creativity at work – If there’s no popular choice and critics’ choice categories where both these films have already been awarded, the organisers would be quick to create one on the spot! Let’s please all and all will be well in the world! Neither the presenter nor the winner would know! (ALSO READ: Revealed! The man behind the La La Land – Moonlight gaffe at the Oscars 2017)

What this says about us? That instead of nurturing talent and applauding and awarding someone who truly deserves it, we focus on building relationships and keeping the ones we can benefit from happy! The whole process has become a circus! Thanks to personal equations that come into play during the decision making process! Most of Indian award shows are hosted by media houses and they need stars as much as they need them and there is always a give and take relationship that goes on between them. It is not new for them to strike a deal during these times. At a popular award night, a star kid agreed to host the show for free and wanted his father to be given a best supporting actor award in return. In another case, another star kid was roped in to perform for free in exchange of a lifetime achievement award for her father. Interestingly, this yesteryear actor had been ignored by these award organizers throughout his hey days! (ALSO READ: Oscars 2017: Priyanka Chopra and Jennifer Aniston’s back stage bonding is the best thing you will see on the INTERNET today – Watch video)

This is not all! There are also pressures from the brands sponsoring the shows. They have their own favourites, biases and they want to take this as an opportunity to impress their existing and potential brand endorsers. There is too much at stake and too many people who need to be pleased. And amid all this, the main focus of motivating deserving talent and inspiring them and others to do better is lost!

While Oscars 2017 goof up continues to make headlines due to the shock element and the curiosity about what actually happened, what is interesting is that no one is pointing out on ‘how could such a thing happen!’ Because we all know that s*** happens! Till the time the award show continues to truly acknowledge hard work with an unbiased attitude, it doesn’t matter how many more such blunders take place!

To sum it, this tweet from filmmaker Farah Khan where she talks about the Oscars fiasco and compares it to how stuff works back at Indian award shows is on point!