In just a few hours, the red carpet to the much-awaited 89th Academy Awards 2017 will be rolled out at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California. On the morning of 27 February 2017, some of the best actors, films and filmmakers from around the world will walk home with the coveted Golden Statue. These statues will not only enjoy centre stage at the Oscars 2017 event but will also find a space in the forefront amongst other awards, at homes and offices of the 89th Academy Awards 2017 winners.

There is no doubt about the fact that these trophies are special! And trust us; there is a special story behind how these golden statues are made. Far away from Hollywood, these trophies take shape at a foundry 50 miles away from New York City. Interestingly, the Polich Tallix fine art foundry started work on these Oscars 2017 award giveaways back in September – almost 5 months before the ceremony. There are in all 60 pieces that are made and each of the statues is 13 ½ inches tall. (ALSO READ: CONFIRMED: Ranveer Singh’s ladylove Deepika Padukone is not attending Oscars 2017)

But these are not the final trophies. They lack the names of the winners, which are added to each of the distinct trophies at the end of the ceremony. As a fact, the statues that are given out on stage to the winners has no name and each winner has to take their trophy backstage post receiving the award to get their nameplate affixed on the golden statue. (ALSO READ: Oscars 2017: When and where to watch 89th Academy Awards LIVE in India)

The making process:

It is a time consuming process to make each Oscar trophy as perfect as it is! An article on Techlife News explains that there is very little use of machines and most of the work is done manually. Each of the trophies first have a wax version. This wax statue is repeatedly tipped into ceramic slurry. This is then left to harden, taking the shape of the wax. The wax is melted and replaced by molten bronze. The hardened ceramic is then chipped away. But the work is far from over as yet. In fact, many a times, even after following all these tasking processes, some of the trophies have to be discarded because they fail to come out as perfect as the makers intend it to be. They have  a target of 60 identical trophies and they can’t afford to have even the slightest of difference in any two of them.

The Oscars take quite a journey before they hit the stage on Sunday.

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The Oscars trophy hairline and the film reel that stands on is hand sanded and polished to perfection. But this isn’t the final product! The trophies are then sent to Brooklyn where they undergo a three-step electroplating process. The statues are first plated with copper, then a coat of nickel and then finally, plated with Gold to give it that glossy finish! (ALSO READ: Oscars 2017 Winner Predictions: Ali Fazal picks his 89th Academy Awards favourites)