I am in love with people who have been handling the Twitter handle of Mumbai police. I mean, humour could be the last thing people may associate with any police force, but ever since it’s Twitter debut in December 2015, Mumbai Police has overcome that stereotype, emerging as a witty, smart one-liner spouting force on Twitter. Just few days ago, we saw how Shobhaa De was trolled by them after she mocked the cops. And now the latest victim of the department’s portent sense of humour happens to be none other than the 89th Academy Awards 2017. ALSO READRevealed! The man behind the La La Land – Moonlight gaffe at the Oscars 2017

While the whole wide world has been busy making memes about the blunder that we all witnessed at the end of Oscars 2017 that were held yesterday, Mumbai police too decided to cash on this unforgettable disaster and sent out a tweet, for which they should totally get an Oscar. Here’s what they tweeted:


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were on stage to announce the award for the best picture. When Beatty opened the envelope on stage, he appeared to be confused. It appeared that he couldn’t exactly read what was written. Dunaway ended up making the La La Land announcement. The crew of La La Land was on stage to accept the award amidst loud cheer. That’s when Producer Jordan Horowitz realised that there has been a mistake and not La La Land but Moonlight has won the Oscar 2017 for Best Picture. Apparently, Beatty had been handed over the wrong envelope with Emma Stone’s name on it, who won the award for Best Actress.