International pop icon Justin Bieber conquered the stage with his mesmerising performance at the Mumbai concert. The pop sensation has returned to Johannesburg to continue his Purpose World Tour. Everything Justin did when he was in India made headlines – be it taking a coffee break at Starbucks or meeting and interacting with underprivileged kids and playing football with them.

There is a video that has been grabbing a lot of eyeballs. Here we see how the star is happily interacting and bonding with the kids. But the interesting thing is that the kids innocently addressed him as Yo Yo Honey Singh. Yes, the kids were unaware of his fame and name and mistook him for Yo Yo. It was heartening to see the little ones remember their Indian music sensation, Honey Singh on being greeted by Justin Bieber.(ALSO READ: Arjun Rampal : Daughters and I saw Bieber concert peacefully)

Well, this reminds us of the incident of how Akshay Kumar was mistaken as Justin by the fans at the airport. The day Justin arrived in India, Akshay was returning back from Delhi around the same time. The fans were gathered to get a glimpse of the pop sensation and click pictures of him. But they mistakenly clicked the pictures of the Baby actor and got confused. Both Justin and Akshay were in the white car and they weren’t visible, so the fans, without realising who it really was, clicked pictures of Akshay.

Talking about Bieber’s  concert, right now there is a huge debate going on, if the pop sensation cheated his fans by lip syncing through most part of his performance. What do you have to say showbiz readers?