WHY? No, let me frame the question all over again-Mallika, honey, seriously, WHY? As if the reputation that our colourful movie industry enjoys abroad is not enough, here’s Mallika Sherawat showing her ‘ambitious’ streak.  Not that we exactly care when goras often slot Bollywood into endless commotion comprising only naach-gaana, but Mallika showing her B-grade looking tacky drama to the snooty Parisians has simply made us go Ouch! So the question remains-why?

We hear that Mallika Sherawat recently had a very interesting rendezvous with the Indian ambassador in France Shri Arun K. Singh, during her visit to Paris for the new year. While Bollywood was obviously the topic of discussion, Mallika Sherawat was most pleased to inform him about her upcoming film, Dirty Politics. The ambassador was intrigued by the story line and has shown interest in watching the film as it releases, we are told.

We would not have complained much had those french politicos were made to watch some cerebral stuff (no, relax, we are not recommending Shah Rukh Khan starrer Happy New Year) like Ugly, Haider or Finding Fanny!  But now the prospect of Mallika showing her trashy looking endevour is downright depressing.

We should stop being judgmental for now. Who knows Mallika may impress the Parisians  majorly with what she does best- show off her…..ahem ahem thumkas, what else!