Twitter has been overflowing tonight with the tweets of everyone who’s been glued to their screens witnessing ‘that’ match of the year. India who just took on neighbours Pakistan, were havily tipped to take home the ICC Champions’ Trophy. A lot of Indians showed cheek in mocking Pakistan on the record between the two sides, given the fierce rivalry between the two.

Although Pakistan started the game with determination and secured a lofty 338 for just four wickets lost. Those who followed the match will agree, although with a pinch of salt, that Pakistan did play well. And very well. They played with real grit to knock India all out and win by a huge margin of 180 runs. Since India failed to chase the said number and lost the match, the entire Indian Twitterati has been mourning today’s loss. Celebs and commoners alike, everyone is not just sharing their sorrow on today’s loss. Everyone have promptly also appreciated and praised Pakistan’s brilliant performance which brushed away the Indian side today. Check out the tweets below:

On the bright side, India’s national Hockey team who just defeated Pakistan on the Hockey front with a huge margin of 7-1 is receiving recognition. In fact, it is safe to say that it is eclipsing the loss at The Oval tonight. Celebs have also mentioned it in their Tweets: