Anushka Sharma is one Bollywood actress who has never failed to charm us. She is one feisty actress who has always managed to turn heads, be it with her unconventional choices of film projects, or her ‘never say die’ attitude off screen. She has always successfully managed to impress us. She has always found herself under the grab of controversies, but she gives it back to everyone who shamed her, with her performances on screen. With her second home production ‘Phillauri’ all set to make a grand release, she looks all set to take on whatever comes her way.

In a recent interview, the actress has again showed why she is the one we all should love. In her 9 year long career, the actress has worked with the topmost actors and directors in Bollywood, and she has said that it was possible because she always follows her instincts and does what she thinks is right. The actress, in an interview with PTI, told that “When you don’t come from industry the negative is that you get lost and you take time to get used to it (film industry) but the positive is you have no preconceived notions and you can go anywhere.”

She also said, “I decided to be a producer at the age of 25 and everyone thought I was crazy. They thought when my acting career is going good why am I getting into production. As usually actresses become producers when they don’t have anything to do (in acting) which I felt was bizarre and stupid.” Her first home production was ‘NH10’ and she surprised her all by playing a character we had never seen her in. (ALSO READ: Alia Bhatt teams up with Virat Kohli; Is Anushka Sharma in the know of this?)

Anushka said she does not pay much heed to what other people say and rather believes in taking her own decisions. “I don’t do things to break stereotypes but I just follow what my heart says. I don’t get scared easily. If I want to do something and I feel it is correct I will do it. I don’t think what others will say or think about my decision.” Though, Anushka has tasted immense success in Bollywood with almost all her films being majorly loved by the audience, she said “the only time I felt good was when I bought my house”. (ALSO READ: Phillauri song Dum Dum: Anushka Sharma & Diljit Dosanjh’s romantic Sufi track will leave you mesmerized)

Here’s Phillauri’s trailer that has has already caused a stir because of its unusual subject.

The Phillauri actress also said, “I felt very accomplished. Of course, people notice you and all of that but I felt very awkward about it when that happened. I did not know how to react when people started recognising me. I was like what am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to behave? If you always wanted to be an actor you visualise people coming to you and taking autographs. But when you did not want to be an actor you get worried what am I supposed to do.”

Anushka was last seen in Karan Johar‘s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil‘ in October and we all absolutely loved her. Wishing her all the luck in he world for Phillauri.