Ever since Deepika Padukone appeared in an online video, she has been a soft target and dragged into various controversies. The My Choice video was all about feminism and was conceptualized by Homi Adajania. But recently, the Piku actress has broken her silence over the widespread criticism she received over the video and gave her opinion. In this video, Deepika speaks to renowned journalist Anupama Chopra regarding her upcoming drama movie – Piku. (Read: Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video was misunderstood: Director Homi Adajania)

The My Choice video featured Deepika Padukone along with 98 other women, who expressed different choices of women. There were some circles who thought that video showcased a sexist take and completely flouted the basic ideologies of feminism, due to which people and the media blamed Deepika.

Deepika speaks about issues that were raised once the ad was released online. The actress said the media and the public pounced on her for supporting such a concept and that the portrayal of feminism was fake and inaccurate. Deepika finally took a stand and revealed the reason behind it too. Watch the video below and do let us know what is your take on Deepika’s choice?