Popular film star and Jana Sena President, powerstar Pawan Kalyan addressed students at Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School, Boston at the India Conference 2017. He had received an invite from the Harvard University itself to speak the conference, which will be took place on 11th and 12th February. Power star Pawan Kalyan enjoys a huge fan base all over the world. The actor hasm always been in touch with the current affairs always and opened up about the issues when the time comes. The actor had recently declared that he would be quitting the films soon and would take part in the active politics from Jana Sena party. Pawan Kalyan also announced that he would be contesting as MLA in the coming elections. But the fact that he gave a speech at one of the most prestigious institutions in the world is a great achievement for him and a great news for his fans.

“Power Star! Power Star!” the students at Harvard Business School in Boston chanted as Pawan Kalyan took the stage at the India Conference 2017. And then he began his speech for a very excited audience. The 45-year-old actor was greeted with loud cheers and applause from the audience, and he welcomed everyone with an introductory greeting in Telugu, saying “andariki na hrudayapoorvaka namaskaralu,” which translates into: “My heartfelt salutations to all.” And then he went on to give a 20 minute speech to the students there, and possibly his fans too.

“So, you have to understand my situation. I started my education in a street school, so it is a little difficult for me to address a speech in Harvard,” eh said to a cheering audience.
“I come from a lower middle class family. I studied in a street school and I had a lot of time to contemplate life’s problems. It became my lifetime obsession to compare what is being said and what is being done. And so successfully I failed my examinations and I didn’t continue my education. My focus was not on education, my focus was on issues that plagued the society. It made me go into depression. I wanted to commit suicide. As most of you know my brother was an actor by then. He owned a licensed pistol. I wanted to kill myself but my family counselled me. I then began experimenting with life. I studied computers, practised yoga, learned martial arts. I never wanted to be an actor. I wanted to be a yogi,” he said. (ALSO READ: It’s official: Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan to work together in Trivikram Srinivas’ next and we cannot hold our EXCITEMENT)

Check out his entire speech here, and prepared to be inspired.

He also went on to say, “In India, law is applied weakly to the strong and strongly to the weak,” to which he received a huge applause.