Earlier this year during the monsoons, a Bhiwandi resident fell to death in Mahuli after he tried to ape Prabhas‘ waterfall stunt which was a part of the first instalment of Baahubali. After this, the waterfall is under strict supervision to avoid a loss of life. And now, in another incident, a youth who was in Kerala with his friends tried Prabhas’ stunt with the elephant and then got flung by the animal in return.

Talking about the incident, a group of young guys decided to befriend a lone elephant they spotted in Idukki, Kerala. During this, one of them decided to try out Prabhas’ elephant stunt from Baahubali 2 that released this year. To begin, the young boy tried to get friendly with the elephant by giving him food and after that, he kissed his trunk and was trying to climb and that’s when he got flung by the animal. Following this, the youth was found in an upturned position and was rushed to the hospital by his friends. The boy who is recovering post this, was reportedly intoxicated when he performed this stunt. Watch the entire video of the stunt going wrong below:

Baahubali 1 and 2 by SS Rajamouli are known for being one of the most successful films in India in the recent years. Both the films broke and created quite a few box office records which not many Bollywood films have managed to surpass.