The social media has been a place for random sources of entertainment. Random addictive videos have become a part of our day to day lives. However the surprises of finding such videos never ceases reduce. One such video was shared on twitter by user, V.I. Boy and it managed to take over the internet. With a tag line of “This the most dramatic shit I ever seen in my life” the video clip is obviously form an Ekta Kapoor saga.

The 30-second clip from the Hindi Soap, Kasamh Se, will leave you spell bound. For most it will also bring back the times when Balaji dominated the television industry with their senseless show and mediocre camera effect. The scene literally translates the classic Balaji band (remember dhadan dhadan dhadan) and reminds us of all the different shocks that we have borne while being forced to watch the TV serials/soaps. The incredibly loud background music is the cherry on the cake and adds to all the drama. We cannot help but agree with V.I. Boy on the fact that dramatization was taken to a new level in this clip.

The tweet has been liked and re-tweeted by more than ten thousand people from all over the world. The twitter user who put the spot light on this clip is from Virginia Beach and also Vines on a regular basis. Here is the hilarious video to make your day.