Pratyusha Banerjee is being remembered today by her friends and family on her first death anniversary. Her actress best friend Kamya Punjabi recently released her last short film titled ‘Hum Kuch Keh Naa Sakey’ despite the notice sent by Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. He had earlier warned Kamya and his lawyer also sent a legal notice to put stay on the release of this twenty minute long short film. The film actually revolves around the subject heart break and depression. And guess what? The name of the lead character in the film was kept as ‘Rahul’ on persuasion by Pratyusha herself. Rahul Raj Singh who was pissed off with Kamya calling it a gimmick, have now decided to sue her with Rs 1 crore!

Kamya insisted on the fact that she did not got any stay order at all and hence she released the film. According to the buzz, Kamya did not allow anyone to enter her house apart from her milkman and newspaper delivery person. According to the reports by, Rahul comfirmed that he is indeed going to sue her for releasing the notice despite the notice! On the other hand, Kamya was hell bent on releasing the film, come what may! She told IndianExpress, ” I will release the film come what may. This was the last thing of Pratyusha with us and I had been thinking of doing something with it for a long time. So, nothing can bog me down. I am releasing it at 4pm today and it will happen.”

Also, a few hours ago, Kamya and Pratyusha’s parents took a press conference where they talked about the short film and the trauma that Pratyusha went through because of Rahul. Her parents even called Rahul a ‘spineless criminal’ who easily got away with the crime. They also said that it was not a suicide case but a murder case! We do not know what is Rahul’s say after these serious allegations till now! We will soon update you with the latest developments, till that stay tuned.