London, Aug 29: Filmmaker Woody Allen says he only does interviews to promote his movies because he has to as he feels the press does not help his movies. The iconic director and actor has countless films to his names, from drama “Match Point” to rom-com “Midnight in Paris.” But not all of them have fared well under the scrutiny of critics over the years, and Allen, 80, is adamant that doing media makes no difference to the film’s success, reported Guardian.

“I never thought there was any point doing press. I don’t think anybody ever reads an interview and says: ‘Hey, I want to see that movie!'” Allen said. “Well, the publicity people think it is important. So, I do it to be nice. But I don’t think ? and I tell them this ? that it matters. And they say: ‘?Just keep it quiet and do it.’ I don’t want to be someone who takes the money but refuses to help.”

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Allen’s latest release is Cafe Society, set in 1930s Hollywood and follows a love triangle between Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), Vonnie (Kristen Stewart) and Veronica (Blake Lively). “Cafe Society” releases on September 5.