Priyanka Chopra is our homegirl who has made us really very proud of all her achievements in Hollywood. While she is all set to release her much awaited Hollywood project Baywatch, she is all up and about Miami painting the town red, frolicking in her bikini. Her photos are splashed across the electronic media nad we are can’t help but let our gaze transfixed on her fabulous form. She is one of the most versatile actors we know and is the one who has successfully broken the barriers of nationality, colour and gender. We now just can’t wait for her smashing Hollywood debut. But here is a sneak peek into what she thinks about her co stars, the awesome sauce Dwayne Johnson and Zac Effron.

So PC, who has aced the game of being all sassy and smart on American talk show was recently interviewed at the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen along with Amy Brenneman and she was all smiles but was left blushing at the end of it all! Whoa, now you would ask what happened there which made her blush so so bad? Okay, the hosts played a little game with PC where she had pit Zac and Dwayne against each other using the parameters of their flirting skills, abs and well, their respective ‘trailers’! Do you get the drift? When PC giggled like a teenager when specifically asked about her co stars’ trailers, she replied with a diplomatic response, “That was not part of the question.” Trust her to get out of every sticky situation with ease! Oops pun, not intended. ALSO READ: No one can SLAY in a bikini like Priyanka Chopra, these pictures are PROOF

Back in Hollywood, PC has signed one more film where one of her co stars are The Big Bang Theory fame Jim Parsons AKA Sheldon Cooper. She also has locked in about three movies in Bollywood. Her American TV series Quantico’s third season has been finalised too! She sure has a lot on her plate now!