Looks like there is no respite for actor Kamal Haasan. Recently, members of the Hindu Makkal Katchi were seen holding a protest outside the house of the Tamil cinema superstar in Chennai, demanding his arrest for allegedly corrupting the society by using abusive words on his show, Big Boss Tamil. And now, Puthiya Tamizhagam leader K Krishnaswamy has threatened to file a defamation case against the channel and the 62-year-old actor for refusing to apologise for a ‘derogatory’ statement made by a contestant in the reality show.

In a statement to a leading newspaper,  Krishnamurthy said, “In the show, there was a conversation between two contestants. One of them called the other as ‘cheri’ (slum dweller). It is a public platform, and millions of people are watching it. We are sure that it is definitely a prepared script. The channel cannot say it was a mistake. They are creating imbalance in the society and hurting one particular section of the society.” Ever since, the politician has been demanding for an apology from Kamal Haasan.

The veteran actor, on the other hand, stated that abusive words are part of the society and that he has done nothing wrong to apologise. He believes that the law will protect him by all means. The Padma Bhushan awardee also said that he failed to understand how the content of the show was ‘defaming’ the Tamil Culture. (ALSO READ: 15 contestants who are a part of Kamal Haasan’s Bigg Boss)

The fact that Kamal Haasan refused to apologise has further irked the politician. He additionally told the daily, “The actor did not even condemn it or talk about this in the show despite many people raising this issue. So we demanded that he and the channel owners publicly apologise for it. We waited for two days and they have not even considered our request. So we have decided to go ahead with a 100 crore defamation case against the actor and the channel.”

Krishnamurthy is expected to file the case in the next couple of days. It would now be interesting to see what’s in store for Haasan and the Tamil reality show.