Priyanka Chopra did not and does not have to prove her acting abilities to anyone. She impressed us right from one of her first movies, Aitraaz, and more recently in Mary Kom and Barfi!, about what an ace she can be if she puts her heart into it. So it was no surprise to see Priyanka channel her best acting instincts for ABC show Quantico that premiered in India at 9 pm on Saturday, October 3 on Star World.

Reviews were already out when Quantico premiered on September 27 in America, but we still had to watch it here in India. All we had seen of Priyanka was in the teasers of Quantico and then the ‘8 minutes’ pilot’ that she had shared from the first episode. But now we’re convinced!

The former Miss World and now actress-singer (record producer, as she likes to put it) is bang on as Agent Alex Parrish aka Alexandra Parrish! In the first episode at least, she has delivered a rather natural performance. We know her as Alex Parrish from Qauntico now, not as Priyanka Chopra from Bollywood or the one who sang Exotica with Pitbull. Isn’t that great for a Desi Girl (her son, remember)?

Quantico the show itself could be better – it could be more gripping for sure. But we saw glimpses of that in the first episode, as it packed in a lot. Alex is at training school where all the students reveal their deepest secrets, but it’s because of that process that one of them dies, and Alex herself is arrested for allegedly being involved in a bomb blast.

She is innocent, of course, and gets to escape Bollywood style on her way to prison (with some help). Now, Alex Parrish is an agent on the run, and for the law she is a trained, dangerous person. But for us, she is the innocent protagonist. Who will win?

Let’s wait and watch for Qauntico to unfold, and also see if Priyanka Chopra is able to beat her western counterparts as a prime time lead. She’s not doing bad at all for an Indian seen for the first time in this kind of a role!

Quantico Rating: 3.5/5