Vikas Bahl, the director of Queen is accused of copying script of Phir Zindagi, an unreleased movie

After draining in praises for his recently released Bollywood movie ‘Queen’, the director Vikas Bhal is now being accused of copying the concept of the movie from an unreleased movie. The Kangana Ranaut starrer movie was one of the highest rated movies in the recent times. However, Abhigyan Jha claims that Queen is a copy of his creation ‘Phir Zindagi’ of which he is the writer – director.

Jha asserted that Vikas Bahl was shown that movie in 2006, but the movie was not released then due to some problem. Although the scripts of the movie differ, certain major scenes have been directly lifted from it. Back in 2006, Jha had written a script on similar lines where an Indian girl goes to her honeymoon alone and then returns being a strong woman.  Parvati Balagopalan had directed and the lead pair in the movie was Gul Panag and Milind Soman.

Abhigyan said, “Sequences such as the hero coming back to the girl when she has undergone change, their breaking up at a coffee shop and several other crucial sequences are exact copies.”

He also said that Bahl had enough time to experiment with the plot and come up with a different one as he had seen the movie in 2006.

Parvati said that she did not want to take any legal action against Vikas as it would look like a publicity stunt. She said, “Because Queen is successful, we may not be able to release our film. The characters are different, but the premise is exactly same. What hurts more is Vikas had seen the film. Had he not seen it, we would have thought that the similarities were only a coincidence.”

While producer of Phir Zindagi, Deepa Sahi said that he has not watched Queen and hence did not want to comment on it.