Actor Radhika Apte, who’s internationally acknowledged for her acting skills, now spoke out on two issues that concern any female actor in the industry – pay disparity and sexual harassment. The actor talked to a news agency in her latest interview and opened up on what has changed post the #MeToo movement, and also how the issue of pay disparity in the industry is much bigger than how it is perceived.

Radhika said the most disappointing part of the decade was to realise that not much changed after the #MeToo movement that came to India in the year 2018 after actor Tanushree Dutta dug up her old sexual harassment case against veteran actor Nana Patekar. Radhika, who was recently nominated at the International Emmy Awards for her performance in Netflix’ series Lust Stories, said the movement came and went but things that should have been changed didn’t change.

Speaking her mind on pay disparity in the industry, Radhika said it’s not just about the leading actors and the focus should also be on the supporting actors because they are not responsible for driving Box Office numbers. The actor explained that a lead star would be paid depending upon how capable he is to draw the audience to the theatres but the supporting cast is out of this parameter and yet female supporting actors would be paid less than their male counterparts in supporting roles. “Suppose somebody plays someone’s father and mother, still the father gets paid more money than the mother! There’s absolutely no logic to that,” Radhika shared an example while talking to PTI.

However, the actor said not everything about the industry seems negative. Talking about the positive side, she revealed that there’s a more evident representation of women in various working fields associated with the industry. Radhika said there are more female writers, directors, cinematographers producers and editors which largely contributes to pool more female perspective in a collective product.

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