What does it take to romance a heroine the way Emraan Hashmi does it? No, we are discussing canoodling business here. Nor are we keen on this endeavor of teaching the art of getting your kisses right-cinematically speaking that is. We wonder how does Emraan get his songs right both musically and visually-every time! We tell you how, by giving you a sneak-peek into the making of this number from Kunal Deshmukh’s forthcoming movie Raja Natwarlal 

Breathtakingly beautiful scenic locations of Cape Town, soaked in all their coast line and table mountains glory make for a picture perfect backdrop. And then you have Pakistani beauty Humaima Malik getting seduced by our kissie-boy turned talented actor Emraan. Watch the song and tell us what grabs your eyeballs with more assurance-Emraan Hashmi’s I-will-teach-you-how-to-get-romance-right classes or the beautiful visuals showing the magnificent city of Cape Town!