Superstar Rajnikanth who is currently shooting for his upcoming film Kaala, is reportedly looking at a new line of careers. The actor plays the role of a don in the film Kaala, which is directed by Pa Ranjith. Pa Ranjith is also the director of Rajnikanth’s last film Kabali. The film will be made in many languages including Hindi and Marathi. His upcoming film Kaala is being produced by Wunderbar Films, which belongs to his son-in-law Dhanush.

Meanwhile, rumour has it that Rajnikanth is set to dip his toes into politics. And not only that, but he will lead his own political party. And the date to announce his intiative will be an auspicious one: his birthday. His birthday, which falls on the 12th of December, may just be the day Rajnikanth makes this huge announcement. And he would like to meet his fans and discuss his aspirations in politics after he finishes with the shooting of Kaala.

Rajnikanth had met his fans in Chennai and discussed his future and also said “get ready for war when it comes to them.” Rajnikanth is likely to discuss his aspiration i politics futher when he meets his fans in August again.

The superstar has two new releases scheduled for next year. Robot’s sequel 2.0, and Kaala, the film that he is currently shooting for.