Ram Gopal Varma, and his transition from a fine filmmaker to look-what-he-has-turned-himself into, is a subject of deep mystery (no we did NOT say mockery, nudge nudge!). After giving us movies like Satya, RGV mortified us with his AAG. His subsequent endevours only made his slip even further. And now RGV is all set with the movie that will serve as a tribute to none other than Bruce Lee. Shocking! Ram Gopal Varma mocks Abdul Kalam’s death?

“You pour water into a tea cup and it becomes the tea cup …you put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle You put it in a tea pot and it becomes the tea pot .. water can flow and water can crash …Be water, My friend How can i express myself totally and completely? That way you will create your own style because style is a crystallisation,” goes the voice over!

We hear that RGV has actually made a girl from Mumbai named Pooja undergo martial arts training for the film. In these visuals we see her kicking and punching hard as she flexes her muscles and stretches herself to impress us.  The trailer looks impressive as far as Martial Arts is concerned but why is the fighter is shown in sports bra and hot pants almost everywhere?

Is RGV desperate to bounce back with this movie? But will he?Do let us know what do you think?