Bobby Darling and Ramneek Sharma are the latest prey to the issue of domestic violence case. We had just seen the similar case Mandana Karimi accusing her in-laws of domestic violence. After that, recently, Bobby Darling came out to speak about the domestic violence and physical abuse against her by her husband Ramneek Sharma. She revealed about how he forced her to do unnatural sex and kept her under house arrest. However, Ramneek Sharma has now spoken and given his statements to the police, clearing his side from the story.

As reported in DNA, City Superintendent of Police Bhupendra Singh said, “We received the complaint on Saturday through registered post. She has accused her husband and in-laws of harassment, physical torture and domestic violence. We had called her husband for questioning. Action would be taken after investigation.”

On the other hand, Ramneek has called all the allegations made by her as blatant lies just for the sake of limelight. Talking about it, he told reporters, “She doesn’t have any work for the past five years. She wanted to hog the limelight to get work in the Bollywood….All her allegations are baseless.” He also further added, ” I have told the police my side of the story and given my statement. I have also provided supporting documents.”

Both the individuals have shared their side of the stories to the police. Earlier, Bobby claimed that she wants her property back to start a fresh life again. On the other hand, Ramneek accused that the property she is talking about is his own property and that she is lying. Well, we do not know whose side is true. We will soon come with the latest developments, till then stay tuned to