It was yesterday when the photos of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s pairing was witnessed off screen once more and consequently broke the internet. The pictures of the two spread like wildfire, jumping from phone to phone, further fuelling gossip of the two allegedly having an intimate relationship. The two were spotted smoking in a corner in New York City. There have been rumours since quite some time of their alleged relationship, but both of them would refute those claims. But now pictures of the alleged couple has again hit the internet and this time it’s straight from the New York City (NYC)

Now since everybody has seen the pictures, now comes the scrutiny of the finer details, and the public’s reaction, including both Indians and Pakistanis. Not only did Mahira Khan’s smoking displease the viewers, but her choice of outfit as well. The actress was wearing a white one-piece dress which didn’t do the best job covering her whole body. Reacting to this, the Twitter has expressed their displeasure.

One of the users @rizwanahcoowar commented: “R u serious?? !! Smoking is haram in Islam. Yuck Mahira Khan, you just lowered your standard in front of my eyes. Well actually you never even had a standard for me.”

@siddingz commented: “Out of all the Pakistani actresses, I thought she was graceful. WTH is she wearing and doing!”

@dynamic104 commented: “My gosh!! Look at Mahira she is smoking!! She completely surprised me!! Mussalmaan k naam pe dhabba.”

@its_me_pooja_45: Smoking cigarettes.. Such a disgusting one.. Shock to see such thing from this big educated stars..”

@ppreeti02 commented: “Ranbir u can do much better yaa.. not a Pakistani..”

@sanlim_ghanchi303 commented: “Kaise kapde paheni hai es ne be haya..”

@imrankhattak12 commented: “backlessoutfit nd still u say that she wear good clothes disgusting nd also the cigarette uff..”

ranbir kapoor with mahira khan

mahira khan and ranbir kapoor smoking


The first time when Ranbir Kapoorand Mahira Khan were spotted together was during the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony. A video of the duo of having an argument (like lovebirds) took the internet by storm. But both Ranbir and Mahira refuted it. Let’s see what they will have to say this time around.