Actor Rani Mukerji is once again gearing up to play her popular character Shivani Shivaji Roy in Mardaani 2. The trailer of the film hit the screens recently and was appreciated for not compromising on dealing with reality. Rani herself feels that we are living in bad times and it will be better for us if we accept this as soon as we can. In her latest interaction with a daily, the actor talked about her preparation for the role and how they have treated rape in the film.

Rani is aware that for a film like Mardaani, it’s important to show reality as gruesome as it exists around us. The actor said the film attempts to give the audience a ‘first-hand feel of what’s happening around us.’ In the film, Rani’s cop character is chasing a beast-like murderer who first rapes young women brutally and then kills them. The actor added that the treatment of rape in the film is not just a tool to weave interest in the story but it’s been aesthetically treated. “We, as creative people, chose to do the film aesthetically. Rape is not titillating in this film. When you are making a film like Mardaani, you can’t shy away from reality,” Rani told Mid-Day.

The actor also revealed that she met many real-life female cops while researching for the film and she realised that these cops were as badass as they could get. Rani stressed on the fact that the cops have to manage both their work and families and that’s why there’s no space for wasting any time or think about taking the liberty at work. Explaining how tough our female cops are, the actor said the cops she met before shooting Mardaani 2 could not even go home for five days at a stretch and had to be stationed at one position throughout day and night.

Rani revealed that at most times, our cops are at work for more than 76 hours which doesn’t even give them time to shower or change. “There’s no difference between male and female cops. People from the outside see it differently, which is why films like Mardaani are essential to telling them that women officers are just as boisterous,” the actor said.

Mardaani series is one of the rare Hindi film series in which a female cop is shown as the protagonist without any unnecessary weaving of romance drama. The first part of the franchise was appreciated and with the second part, the team attempts to show an even more fearsome reality of the society. Directed by Gopi Puthran and produced by YRF, Mardaani 2 is slated to hit the screens on December 13.